CBD Kief from the plants trichomes harvested from the hemp plant material
CBD Kief Retail Packaged
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CBD Kief Retail Packaged

From: $500.00

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CBD Kief Hemp for Retail

Sell CBD kief in your store by the gram or in bulk for customers wanting non-solvent CBD concentrate. Kief is excellent for those wanting full spectrum products. It can be pressed into rosin, added to pre-rolls/flower or decarbed and used in capsules, tinctures and other products.

Trichomes are CBD Kief

CBD kief is the plants trichomes harvested from the hemp plant material. It is a solventless concentration of hemps therapeutically beneficial compounds  making it an ideal choice for use in CBD product formulations where the highest therapeutic potential is desired.

There are varying degrees of quality with kief dependent on how the kief was screened during capture. Some kief is more pure and consists of less plant material. This affects the purity and price per pound. For retailers, a lightly screened kief is recommended since it is compliant without need for remediation.



Packaged CBD kief comes in clear glass concentrate containers with a white lid and 3 grams of kief in each with Hemp Collective branding. For custom branding, a minimum order of $1000 must be met.

Also consider ordering this product in bulk to sell by the ounce for customers wanting access to larger amounts for making products at home and medical use.

Need help designing and printing labels? We can connect you with one of our design agency partners to make sure you brand looks professional and has all the necessary info to be compliant.


For larger bulk orders contact us to get a custom quote


A full panel COA is provided with each purchase. This product has compliant levels of THCa and Delta 9.


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