CBD Crumble Retail Packaged
CBD Crumble Retail Packaged
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CBD Crumble Retail Packaged



CDB Crumble Dabs Aplenty

Offer CBD Crumble at your retail for a unique product offering that is broad spectrum and THC free. This product has a wax like consistency and is consumed as a dabbable product. It offers concentrated potent delivery of cannabinoids in a shelf stable form factor that is less harsh than consuming flower making it ideal for customers wanting concentrated CBD that is healthier to consume.

CBD Crumble Wax Prices

Suggested retail is $40-60 a gram.

Smell features an intense terpene rich aroma profile available of Cherrywine or Strawnanna. Custom terpene profiles available with minimum order requirements met.


Packaged crumble comes in clear glass concentrate containers with a white lid and 1 gram of crumble in each with Hemp Collective branding. For custom branding, a minimum order of $1000 must be met.

Need help designing and printing labels? We can connect you with one of our design agency partners to make sure you brand looks professional and has all the necessary info to be compliant.


For larger bulk orders contact us to get a custom quote


A full panel COA is provided with each purchase. This product has compliant levels of THCa and Delta 9.

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