CBD Crude (per kilo)
CBD Crude (per kilo)
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CBD Crude (per kilo)




CBD crude is the first phase of CBD extraction and is a concentrate with high levels of cannabinoids and other plant minors. It is unrefined except to winterize. CBD crude has a strong plant taste resulting from the phytocompounds that remain present, including chlorophyll. Since it includes a wide range of plant compounds in a concentrated form, it is ideal for those wishing to achieve the greatest therapeutic potential second only to solventless which we also offer.


Crude can be sold as is, vaporized, made into capsules, suppositories, tinctures, topicals, edibles and other products.


Our crude is extracted from pesticide free hemp material grown in Oregon. The percentage of CBD varys between batches depending on the original levels of the material used for extraction but is typically 60%+ total cannabinoids.


An accurate and compliant test showing exact levels of all constituents in the batch being sold is provided with each order. We have different concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes in our batches and can review options with you before finalizing your order.


To learn more about CBD Crude along with the other forms of CBD extracts, see informational posts on our blog explaining the variables.

Need help choosing which extract is best for your product needs? We can guide you through variables including therapeutic potential, taste and viscosity ideals for different products. Contact us to discuss your cbd crude product requirements.


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