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CBD Biomass Bulk 10%-15% CBD
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CBD Biomass Bulk 10%-15% CBD




CBD biomass is available as Organic and ranges from 8%-15% CBD. Biomass is dried hemp plant material which is used for extraction of CBD oils and concentrates like distillate, crude and isolate. CBD biomass can also be used in the production of hemp products like CBD pre-rolls.

It mostly consists of hemp plant parts including leaves, flowers and sometimes stems. It can be milled to be uniform in consistency but most often is raw material that varies in size.

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Oregon biomass grown from seed to product

Hemp farms we source are located in the beautiful and mellow communities of Oregon. The hemp flower, biomass we curate is from dozens of operators on thousands of acres of organic hemp farmland.

The Hemp Collective and our hemp farm sources are owned and operated by a group of similarly motivated folks working in unison to cultivate and produce many of the most prominent products available in the hemp industry.

From seed to final product The Hemp Collective provides premium, reliable, and compliant biomass products to clients worldwide.


When purchasing hemp biomass for processing into CBD oil or for extraction, you’ll want CBD biomass material that is higher in CBD, typically 10% or more that’s free of stems; resulting in a higher yield from the extracted material.

For crude, having biomass material that was dried at lower temperatures to maintain terpenes will create a richer extraction and better final product for formulating into consumer goods where therapeutic value of the product is important.

hemp biomass sourced on oregon hemp farms

Clean, potent, and compliant hemp done right.

The Hemp collective understands how challenging it is to find a dependable and trustworthy biomass supplier- we have found several.

We put an incredible amount of care into our hemp selection process, knowing the type of premium biomass to produce top-shelf hemp extracts.

From seed to sale, we monitor the entire life cycle of our hemp crops, ensuring you the best.

All harvests are subject to third-party lab tests to ensure a clean, potent, and compliant final hemp product.

Being situated among the most renowned Oregon hemp farms ensure that we always have premium raw materials, biomass, crude, flower, trim, kief- you name it right in our own backyard.

By consulting and sourcing from only the best hemp cultivars with stellar sustainable farming practices, The Hemp Collective is the ideal hemp distributor for all your hemp biomass needs.


When purchasing hemp biomass for pre-roll production, a higher flower concentration biomass that is milled and doesn’t include hemp stems is ideal. Purchasing hemp trim instead of biomass is another option.


CBD Biomass Price Guidance

Pricing varies between lots of cbd biomass but is currently between $.80 and $2 per percentage point of CBD per lb.

Hemp biomass production will have varying CBD percentages between a single lot since the ratio of flower, leaf and stem cannot be exactly consistent in each sample and levels in flower naturally vary. Taking several homogenized samples throughout the lot, purchasing enough biomass to extract a test run on or having a contract price based on extracted yields are all common ways of navigating the variables.


We work with farms in Oregon and other states who produce high quality organic hemp plants that includes a large range of strains, cannabinoid profiles and percentages. Contact us for details on current availability of this seasons cbd biomass.


We also offer wholesale CBG biomass bulk, flower and trim. Recent lots of CBG Biomass material generally test over 10% CBG (Cannabigerol) but will vary. Exact levels can be confirmed at time of purchase. Call us to discuss availability. Our prices on CBG hemp material are very competitive.

Here is a pretty good article about CBD Biomass Production from 2018. This was in unison with the 2018 Farm Bill that paved the way to legalized hemp.