CBD Biomass Bulk 10%-15% CBD
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CBD Biomass Bulk 10%-15% CBD




We specialize in the sale of high CBD biomass grown in Oregon to processors and brands. Due to the nature of CBD hemp biomass and the fluctuations in market price we do not list the available lots on this site. The biomass lots range from mid 50k+ lbs to larger size lots of 100k+ lbs. The is CBD, CBDv, and CBG lots available.

We have farm partnerships and relationships across Oregon from distributing and purchasing flower and biomass for the past few years.

We offer lot inspection and testing to validate CBD percentages and averages, quality controlled scheduled shipments, management of shipping logistics and coordination, competitive shipping rates with insurance for national and international.

For availability details email [email protected] with information on desired lot size, which cannabinoid, if it has to be milled or any other relevant specifications including required minimum CBD percentage desired and if we have availability that meets those needs we will let you know.


CBD: Averages 8%-17%

DELTA 9 THC: Under .3%

ORGANIC: Certified organic, uncertified organic and non-organic options

AVAILABLE CANNABINOIDS: CBD, Forbidden V (CBDv), and CBG options

STATE: Milled, un-milled, pelletized options

MATERIAL TYPE: flower/bio mix, biomass only options


Biomass is primarily purchased for extraction into bulk CBD crude with can be distilled into CBD distillate and then further refined into CBD Isolate. Once the different extracts are made they are used to make other cannabinoids or CBD products.

CBD crude is found in some products but is mostly an intermediary extract that is processed further. CBD distillate is a primary extract target and is used in most of the CBD products on the market.

CBD isolate was more commonly used in product formulations when the industry was more nascent. It has become less popular in product formulations as customer sophistication has risen and demand for fuller spectrum products has grown. CBD isolate is primarily used in export to countries that are more restrictive on Delta 9 THC levels. It is also used to make Delta 8 distillate which is legally available psychoactive compound and an alternative to Delta 9 THC where cannabis is not legalized.

Hydrocarbon extraction is used in the production of CBD Live Resin which is considered a much higher quality output than the other methods in that it maintains more of the plants compounds. Solventless is also regarded as a better method of extraction for those wanting the highest quality extract. In developed cannabis markets these are the highest quality extracts.


Two of the more common methods of extraction are ethanol which offers a high throughput and C02. Hydrocarbon is used as well but is far less common.

Solvent-Based Hemp Extraction Methods

    • Ethanol Extraction
    • Hydrocarbons including Butane, Propane, and Hexene
    • Vegetable Oils including Coconut, and Olive Oil

Solventless Hemp Concentration Methods

    • Dry Sift / Kiefing
    • Ice Water Concentration
    • Screened and/or Hand Pressed Rosin
    • CO2 Extraction


Biomass is CBD hemp material that can be a combination of flower and other plant material including leaves and stems. Depending on the method which was used to harvest the plant material it may contain more or less is dried hemp plant material which is used for extraction of CBD oils and concentrates like distillate, crude and isolate.

CBD biomass can also be used in the production of hemp products like CBD pre-rolls although we recommend using hemp flower smalls which are harvested off the colas and have a higher concentration of therapeutic plant compounds but still a more affordable market price.

CBD hemp biomass is milled as well as unmilled or pelletized.


buy oregon hemp from the hemp collective

Oregon Biomass

The hemp farms we work with are located across Oregon but lie primarily in southern Oregon and Bend. Depending on the genetics as well as the grow environment, some biomass can have more therapeutic potential that others. There is a wide spectrum of cannabinoid potential across many of the common industry cultivars used to grow biomass. Much of the higher quality biomass produced in Oregon is leftover from growing for CBD hemp flower although many farms grow solely to produce biomass.


The Hemp Collect has facilitated a number of biomass transactions for the farms in our network out to processors in a variety of places across the US. Our rates are at fair market value and typically less then many processors pay on their own as we have good relationships with the farms.


For higher CBD biomass a combination of flower and other plant material is necessary. The highest concentration of cannabinoids is in the flower. This photo shows an example of mixed material that has CBD hemp flower, leaves and stems. Too many stems can bring down the potency of the CBD when extracted and are not desirable.

hemp biomass sourced on oregon hemp farms


When purchasing biomass for production of bulk prerolls it is important to secure lots that do not consist of mold, has been dried correctly to preserve aroma, and is seedless and stemless. Hand shucked lots with a higher ratio of flower to other plant material is the most ideal.

Market prices have come down significantly over the past few years and we highly advise purchasing full flower lots consisting of smalls (CBD hemp flower less than .50″) or flower lots that arevisually less appealing but still contain higher cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

Current CBD Biomass Market Prices

Pricing varies greatly between lots of biomass and has historically averaged from as low as $.040 up to $2 per lb. Pricing has gone off of percentages as well as flat price per pound.

Hemp biomass production will have varying CBD percentages between a single lot since the ratio of flower, leaf and stem cannot be exactly consistent in each sample and levels in flower naturally vary. This make it hard to calculate the sale of the material based on the CBD percentage.

By taking random samples throughout the lot or well homogenized material representing an accurate ratio of material and purchasing enough biomass to extract a test run on or having a contract price based on extracted yields many processors purchasing lots mitigate risks.


We work with farms across Oregon and other states who produce high quality hemp plants. There are several different CBD cultivars available with different cannabinoid profiles and percentages. Contact us for details on current availability.


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