Bubba Kush Hemp Flower
Bubba Kush Hemp Flower | BHF
From: $75.00 Select options

Bubba Kush Hemp Flower | BHF

From: $75.00

Incredible Bubba Kush Hemp Flower now available! Give us a shout before supplies run out. Bubba Kush CBD percentages range from 9% to 20% CBD. Order now!


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Bubba Kush Hemp Flower Wholesale

Our bulk hemp flower is legally compliant and contains less than .3% Delta 9. Flower is available on the stem, bucked, machine trimmed, or hand trimmed.

The Hemp Collect prides itself on transparency and accurate representation of all materials for sale. 

  • Smell: is a 5 out of 5 (bag has a strong aroma).
  • Flower size: Throughout the trimmed pounds are mid and large size buds.
  • Trim quality: Hand trimmed.
  • Great bud structure but has some seeds.
  • Full panel COA showing compliance on levels provided with each order.


Prices may be negotiable depending on purchase situation which includes frequency of purchases, time of season and other factors. To discuss and confirm pricing and details of your order, a refundable deposit of $300 qualifying you as a serious buyer will expedite the process.


We assist all inquiries with or without a deposit but those with the refundable deposits paid are prioritized due to the volume of inquiries we receive. If you are not satisfied with the terms or flower available after being quoted, the deposit is refunded.


1 ounce or 1 lb flower options may be purchased to verify flower quality. If  additional weight of the same flower is purchased within 3 days of receipt of sample, flower sample price difference will be credited and discounted from your final order. If 1lb sample is purchased and sent back in the same condition it was shipped, it may be shipped back for a full refund minus cost of shipping.


The Hemp Collect strives to build trust and transparency in the buying process. Video calls showing material that would be shipped prior to shipment are available. Buyer may also visit and inspect material prior to purchasing volume.


The Hemp Collective offers significant lots of hemp flower readily available untrimmed, machine trimmed or hand trimmed. All of our hemp flower is produced by various farms in our network system in Oregon and around the US. CBD percentages range between 9% to 20% CBD.

Our company specializes in supplying brands purchasing larger lots to ensure product consistency, pre-roll companies seeking terpene loaded or milled material, and also farms, agents, distributors looking for cannabis quality hemp flower for sale as smokable flower.

The Hemp Collect has a high good reputation for transparency of quality as well as product characteristics. Many of our clients are distribution warehouses, farms sourcing material for their orders along with brands reselling/retailing smokable flower. We are a dependable partner for providing consistent quality. We all care about a lasting relationship more than a one time sale and offer samples or lot inspections prior to sizeable purchases when desired.

Call or contact us to discuss your required quality and price position. We will overview and provide you with any available options.



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