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The Hemp Collect stays guided by a mission to provide education to our customers and business partners, to raise the standards for quality, to always provide the best, and to ensure consumer safety in all that we do.

The Hemp Collect is a female-founded Oregon-based wholesale company specializing in cannabis quality CBD products and extracts. Our core team members all have cannabis industry backgrounds and utilize that knowledge to drive innovation in the hemp and CBD space.

The Hemp Collect began as a bulk supplier for manufacturers before adding consumer sizes and retail-ready goods.

Deeper Dive:

Before The Hemp Collect, the founder owned a cannabis clone company and worked with top breeders to bring innovative cultivars to the market. This began after seeing many of Oregon’s cannabis producers growing subpar genetics without pheno hunting for desired traits and realizing there was a need.

The clone company would often receive calls from consumers looking for CBD-only genetics so they could treat different medical needs. The founder was inspired to open a CBD-only retail so people not wanting cannabis products could find more CBD-only alternatives. This was one of the first of it’s kind.

Before opening, the founder dove deep into the therapeutic potential of the plant, seeking to understand how it could most benefit people’s needs. After reading research papers and reviewing clinical trials data, it was interpreted that CBD best served medical needs by compounding and synergizing CBD with various other well-researched and well-known common herbs and compounds.

From this the model to seek compounded formulations, and to vet and curate the quality of the products was born. Each product was tested for efficacy and each company was interviewed and verified to meet best practice standards before being sold in the store.

There was a commitment to only sell products proven to work so customers could find solutions for their medical needs.

During the pandemic, the retail was forced to close for numerous months and the focus shifted to The Hemp Collect which was growing fast and needed more attention. The Hemp Collect serves some of the industry’s biggest stores and brands for their product lines as well as consumers across the world.

We promise to always be led by our commitment to those who trust us with their business and health needs.


  • The Hemp Collect distributes for large and small craft farms as well as curated group of processing partners
  • We sell to retailers, distributors, farms, processors, manufacturers, and brands


Working with a diverse range of industry businesses across the world we have unique insight on market trends, pain points, and advantageous practices.

Our team’s cannabis experience leading some of the biggest companies’ innovations gives us the edge to stay at the forefront in the CBD market.

We resource this knowledge to guide our network of businesses and buyers towards profitable solutions in product selection, navigation of legislation changes and expanding into underdeveloped areas of the market where they can achieve a wider range of success.

We put quality and customers first and have dedication to grow the businesses we serve and to build long-term relationships.


  • Purchase bulk raw inputs and/or finished goods
  • Purchase retail-ready, white-label, and/or private label
  • Apply to sell through our channels
  • Resource our network of industry professionals (let us know what you need and we are happy to provide resources)




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