Hemp industry news roundup 8/31/20

Hemp Industry News : Aug 30

What does the future hold for Delta 8? What does the future hold for Delta 8 if for “the first time that the DEA comes out and specifically says that an intermediary product such as crude oil extract that is over 0.3% [THC] is a Schedule I substance—even if it will subsequently be diluted in […]

Hemp Industry News

Hemp Industry News: Aug 24

The first temporary restraining order against Texas’s ban on smokable hemp came through in Travis County. This story is still developing and will likely be the first in response to the lawsuit against Texas’s punitive ban. Hemp Industry News at its best. Read More.  Government  Dream Job Alert:  The FDA is expanding the CBD testing […]

Hemp Industry News August 17, 2020 - latest news form the hemp farming community

Hemp Industry News: Aug 17

Can Texas legally ban smokable hemp? Four Texas Hemp businesses believe the recent prohibition unconstitutional and it’s likely this will determine a precedent for other States looking to chokehold the industry.  Read Mor The military-industrial complex adopting CBD strengthens the argument for persistent congressional support and legislation. Building a robust hemp industry from the 2018 […]

What is Delta 8? Find out the latest about this amazing substance

What is Delta 8?

What is Delta 8? Delta 8 has become increasingly popular over the past months in the hemp world as Delta 8 vape cartridges and Delta 8 sprayed flower became the new thing. Delta 8 (D8) is a legal alternative to the federally regulated compound Delta 9. Of the compounds within cannabis, the most cited is […]

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